Delirious Mistakes
Paris. Seventeen. Lay us down, we're in love.


sexual orientation: alone


Pierce The Veil by emilysalswedel on Flickr.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
Mini bitch rant thing

Fucking fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck my stupid fucking fuck cousin came home (she like sometimes live with us because she’s a fucking stupid 38 year old who still can’t grow up and take care of herself) and FUCK GUYS I just can’t stand her being here. Her fucking voice makes me so mad like I’ve never actually hated someone before but I THINK I HATE HER AND ITS WEIRD. Normally I don’t give a shit about botches but she’s family… I can’t get rid of her… My dad keeps hugging her and giving her money (which is practically gone btw) and I’m about to set her car on fire I can’t deal. I would never actually do anything stupid because I’m smarter than that but IM THINKING ABOUT IT. I’m sorry for this confusing stupid bitch rant but I really cannot deal with this I am packing my shit and I will not come home until she’s gone. Oh my gosh. Okay sorry I’m really nice I swear she’s just… Special…bitch.


Rules of the Sugar Bowl